This is Disaster Assist Team’s library database of found Camp Fire cats, updated regularly. It contains cats from every location which has had found Camp Fire cats, within and outside of Butte County, and as of August, 2020, contains pictures and information about 1,400+ cats. The library includes cats at unofficial sites (including many vet clinics which were not included in NVADG’s database, since those sites did not have a contract with Butte County), SPCAs, vets, official shelters, rescues, cats being fostered by individuals, and cats sighted on cameras. Although we likely have them in the library, just to be sure, all fostered or sighted cats posted after 11/17/19 can also be found in the numbered links (after #277) here

We created this site because we didn’t want owners to have to keep scrolling through dozens of incomplete sites, or to have to see heartbreaking pics of cats who couldn’t be theirs.  We wanted people to be able to use their phones to search. We wanted an accurate resource with all available info about each found cat, all in one place!

Please see the INSTRUCTIONS tab, above, for Quick Start information on how to search for your lost Camp Fire Cat.

If you’re searching for someone else, or represent a shelter or rescue or vet clinic, please see the INSTRUCTIONS tab; scroll down to “ADVANCED SEARCH.”

Please see the MATCH tab for a quick entry into the library database by color/breed.

The CAMP FIRE RESOURCES tab links you to where to go to get help with general life resources as a Camp Fire survivor.

The CONTACT tab gives you information on how to reach Disaster Assist Team.

SEARCH is a direct link to the library.