We, Disaster Assist Team, are a team of remote volunteers, with connections on the ground, who came together to support people and animal rescuers during major disasters. We do logistics, data mining, research, information sourcing, verifying, vetting.

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We found that teams on the ground really need people like us. Often, they are stretched thin and don’t have reliable access to the internet or a phone, or need reliable people to field offers or direct people or supplies to them. We support BOTG (boots on the ground) and coordinate their efforts, network, match people in need with available resources, advocate for survivors, and work on creative solutions. We also secure donations for and promote other teams and nonprofits who share our most important value: integrity.

Disaster Assist Team came together after Hurricane Harvey, and has helped in over a dozen disasters in the past 3.5 years. Many of us have disaster or animal rescue training, or are in the law enforcement, emergency, animal welfare, equine, or healthcare fields. We have licensed mental health professionals and physicians, corporate professionals, animal lovers, and artists on our team. We are a diverse bunch from several countries, including Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Canada.

Most of us have experienced disaster in our own lives and wanted to give back by helping others in similar situations. It’s difficult, if you haven’t been in a disaster, to really understand the trauma that can result when you feel that the Earth doesn’t know you’re here and isn’t protecting you during disaster. The effect on body, mind and spirit of being terrified, your life threatened, not sure you’ll survive, forced out of your home (both literally and figuratively), having to leave beloved pets behind, being without a home in an impersonal, large shelter, sleeping on a cot with an unknown future, having lost your community, your employment, and wondering whether your friends, family, pets have survived is traumatic and life altering. Your identity undergoes rapid change.

Yesterday, you were a member of your neighborhood and familiar town community; now, you are a refugee.

We are happy to accept thanks and encourage everyone to “pay it forward,” as we do not take donations. Our “Instructions” tab, above, has information about those organizations still providing rescue, care, and comfort to Camp Fire cats on the Ridge as of the one year anniversary. They are worthy places to donate time, resources, or money. Thank you! 💚

Love to all who’ve experienced the horror that life can present to any of us, 

and to all the helpers…